About Our Founder

With a background of 28 years in marketing, Vanessa has been working as senior lecturer in marketing for the last 15 years and has run multiple international companies since 1995. She started to invest in property in 2013, bought 18 houses between 2013 to 2015 and managed over 75 HMOs. In 2017 she started serviced accommodation, increasing the occupancy level from 25% to 100% within 3 months in 2018, and scaled the property business from 5 units to 25 units.

She acquired 7 properties using Rent2Rent in less than 4 months in 2019. She also bought an addition 7 serviced accommodation properties in 2021, specifically for targeting the contractor market and taking the rental income to over 7 figures by the end of that year.

The company has 40 units in the portfolio, 38 of which are owned. The total worth is over £5 million, and the portfolio is still expanding.

The Academy has trained many other property investors to become very successful running their own service accommodation businesses by implementing the unique Direct Booking Business Model. The academy has online training, live clinics, live masterclass, and events to help many others to achieve their goals and financial freedom.