FAQ For Franchise Partnership Programme

Where is your HQ based?

Based in Chesterfield. 40 units in portfolio – we own 36 units, we are in Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield Rotherham, Barnsley. Sutton in Ashfield.

Yes you can set up aboard.

After 5 years, you can renew the franchise without additional cost. Or you can sell the business, someone will buy it.

We do take a small sales commission, we have the right to buy back first, before you offer to anyone else. We will handle the sale as it is part of our business.

Training is that you will pay the training fee, we don’t have involvement in your operation other than providing support, system and coaching. You will run your business under own brand, do 100% work, and you get 100% of the income, you launch your own brand, you will own a team.

Franchise, – You don’t pay training cost. You pay a franchise fee for using the brand and initial training. You learn how to identify the location, evaluate deal, sourcing the property, raise money, we – do the bookings, takes care of the sales and marketing, you will check guest in, operations, manage cleaning, handyman, and you will scale business, deal refurb, and dress, get it ready for booking.
Getting the property and running the business – your job,
Getting clients and bookings – our job. – you can learn how to make money.
30% of income – pay for the booking channels, channels, sales person, payment system, website, graphic design, branding, channels managers. ITs, system. We will provide at our cost.
70% you get, rent, mortgages, utility, cleaning fee, handyman, laundry, cleaning products, bedding, furniture.
You are launching a branch of our business in your local area.

Once you fill in an application form, and submit it, you will make payment. As soon as we receive payment and signed paperwork, you can get started training straight away. First training is a one2one on-boarding where we identify the gaps and assign module for training, then you will be attending clinic, masterclass, and group coaching.

It depends, if it is ready in terms of setting up, then it will take around 2 weeks to go live.

The franchise fee is £15,000 plus VAT (subject to change), this covers the initial training and use of the brand for the 5 years period. The franchise is 5 years agreement, you will get free mentorship and online training without extra cost. If you require extra support one2one or site visit, or additional mastermind group training, extra cost can be applicable. It works out around £200 per month for the franchise fee spread over 5 years. Apart from the franchise fee, there is an income split for the franchisor to provide sales and marketing support and provide bookings at 30% income to cover its cost, and franchisee to keep 70% of income to pay for its properties outgoing, and operational expenses.

If you are interested in joining, you will download or request an application form, you will fill in your details and prefer territories, with your billing address. We will send you the invoice and terms of training so you can make payment and signed all the relevant paperwork. Once we receive the relevant signed paperwork, we will get you booked in with a one2one to start your training.

You will not be able to go live any of your properties to our platform, so you will not be able to accept bookings from our clients. Also Failing to sign the franchise agreement means that you have conducted the training under academy, and you will be liable to pay for the training fee to academy instead of paying franchise fee. The academy is operating under length of time: first 30 days is £3,000, first 3 months is £6,000, £12,000 for 6 months, and £18,000 for 12 months. We have the right to charge additional cost or terminate your training unless you have signed all franchise agreements and relevant paperwork in time.

We hold free discovery workshops from time to time where you may meet any of our previous academy community members of existing franchisees. Due to data protection we are unable to share any of our mentee’s or franchisee’s details for you to speak or ring up. We are happy to provide video testimonials so you can see their journey and hope you find it inspirational. With effort, if you follow the system you will achieve an outcome.

We mainly focus on targeting contractors, business professional and corporate clients. These clients stay with us previously and usually stay for a long term until their project finishes.

Apart from generating leads from online booking platforms, we also attend exhibitions, paid magazine or social media adverts. We have got database of 3,000 clients in our system where they are running 7-8 projects across the UK. We also have 15-20 new clients booking with us each week and they also run active projects across the UK at any given time. We have sales reps to do follow up calls in the office and get you direct bookings.

In our training we will provide a full system for you to identify demand for contractor’s stay. They usually stay near to their work, and therefore it is important you do your research so you can invest your property at the best location. If you already have an existing portfolio, we will use our system to improve performance and boost booking for you and maximise your revenue the best we can.

Smart Corporate Stays is a property management franchise business. We focus on serving corporate clients whose employees come to work in the area. We have been running the corporate let since 2017, and now reaching out to different other locations and inviting business partners who can acquire properties and run the business model under our brand. The purpose of this business model is to create win-win, our clients who can stay at your property and we can get them to book in for you. We have got existing clients in our database who have got 7-8 projects across the country and we need more accommodation outside our operating area.

Franchisor is smart corporate stays, the founder of our franchisor, has been working in marketing for 28 years, and worked as senior lecturer in marketing for 15 years, and has been mentoring other property investors to buy properties and generating property income since 2014. She has created a smart property investors academy and has helped thousands of property investors in the last few years to improve their skills to make money from property investing.

The franchisee will be coached by Vanessa and her team under smart property investors and receive free mentorship for 5 years. They will learn how to invest property effectively and run the serviced accommodation under the smart corporate stay brand. With a partnership structure, where the franchisor will provide all the sales and marketing support and the franchisee will be acquiring properties, running and servicing the accommodation for clients, at a 30/70 income split on monthly revenue.

You will need to pay a franchise upfront fee of £15,000 plus VAT when you join. You will also need running capital and property acquisition costs which various depending on locations. If you do management, then your outgoing would be small, if you are doing rent2rent, then you will need 2 months rental, plus one month deposit, and to cover 2-3 months of utility and operational cost, money to set up the property paying for furniture, cleaning fee, any decoration required. If you are buying the property then you need usually 25% deposit for the purchase, we recommend buying min 3 bedroom house, which is spacious and meeting our buying criteria at the high demand location.

Yes, if you have a good credit rating, you can apply for business funding to set up your franchise business. We will be able to refer the lender, and provide support once your application form is received.

You can start training with the Academy as a trial. We will give you either 30 days training at £3k, or 3 months training at £6k. You can upgrade to a franchise within 3 months, if you do, we can deduct the training cost from the franchise fee.

We do not offer an instalment plan for franchise fee. However If you have a good credit rating, we can refer you to apply for funding which will cover the full franchise fee and some cost for setting up the business.