Training and Support

By joining the Smart Corporate Stays franchise partnership, you not only partner with a leading property investment and management company but also a well-qualified experienced training company which enables you to develop your skills by implementing our unique strategy and business system. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that your business is successful.

Marketing Support

We will provide full sales and marketing support at the national level. You will also receive comprehensive marketing materials, strategies and training to help you promote your properties effectively.

Training Programs

You’ll get access to our comprehensive program including on-line training, live masterclass, one2one coaching and mentoring, weekly clinics and deal analysis, so you can get started and scale your property business.

Networking Opportunities

You will be invited to attend live and online events where you can meet other like-minded investors, share insights, experiences, collaborate on initiatives and build friendship & support networks with each other.

Exclusive Partnerships

We will forge partnerships with suppliers, service providers, corporate clients, third party agencies to offer exclusive deals or discounts to you so you can run your business effectively with quality supplies at lower costs.

Technology Upgrades

We will provide comprehensive training so you can use and access the latest technology tools and platforms for improved property management and guest experiences.

Dedicated Support Team

You will get access to our head office, dedicated support team to assist you with operational challenges, marketing strategies, and customer service. We will also arrange emergency cover, support your recruitment needs and train you to build your local team to run your business successfully.

Performance Incentives

We will measure your business performance and reward your hard work and success. We will nominate high achievers and provide awards at our annual conference to those who consistently excel in guest satisfaction, property standards and revenue generation.

Educational Resources

We continuously improve our business and monitor changes in the marketplace. We offer access to resources, webinars and workshops on industry trends, regulatory changes, and business optimization.

Community Engagement Initiatives

We are keen to support communities. We are more than happy to support you to engage with local communities through events, sponsorships, or community service projects.