What You Get

Comprehensive Training in Property Investing

You will receive training, support and coaching to learn how to run your own property business and become an expert in property investing and serviced accommodation.

You will learn the whole system and business model with all the paperwork including templates, checklists, examples, case studies, process and procedures, documents, guides and our done for you sales & marketing system so you can get it set up fast and start making profit.

This training enables you to learn everything need to help you get started and build your portfolio.

Initial Property Training and Setting Up Your Franchise Business

You will get a comprehensive on-boarding session where we will go through your training needs and set action plans to move forward.

With our franchise we have built the team to get you results. The done for you sales and marketing system means that you will focus on acquiring the right properties in the desired location and ensure you can deliver the best customer services once customers check in and stay at your property.

Support For Operations and Systems

We will help you source the furniture and appliances at the set-up stages to ensure all our brand and product quality standards are consistent so our customers can expect the same standard across the brand.

We will also assist in sourcing towels, bedding & cleaning supplies, providing support and assurance on the property health and safety, fire risk assessment, compliance of regulation and government policies, manage quality control to ensure that your accommodation is compliant and safe for guests to stay.

Done For You Sales and Marketing System

By joining the franchise partnership we will bring you the bookings and pay the marketing costs for acquiring customers. You will focus on acquiring properties and providing the best customer service, operational efficiency and create the best user experience possible so our guests are happy to continue staying at your property.

We will set up the property listing and various systems such as payments, CRM and bookings. We will manage the channel manager for you and provide training so you know how to use our system to assist customers and running your operation on a daily basis.

We will get you up and running immediately and ensure that you are consistent with our brand.

Unique Business Model and Property Strategies

This is a unique franchise business opportunity. There are no others in the market who offer the training and business model that we are operating.

We developed this business model and marketing strategies based on the successful running of our property management company and acquiring many properties in a short time.